Hi all,
Hubby and I are updating our 25 year old pier and beam colonial. We were going to do 8" wide plank pine floors throughout the entire house except bedrooms. I like the effortless, warm and somewhat oldworld feel.

When we pulled up the carpet we learned the whole house has a rather nice 2x6" tongue and groove pine subfloor ALL OVER THE WHOLE HOUSE! It's all going the same diagonal direction - even upstairs. The gaps are not all even but that is also in keeping with some of the pics I've seen of this country old look I'm after. So then I got to thinking...

1) Isn't this very close to the look I'm after. Country, rustic, old. Why put wood over wood?

2) These floors are super thick. 2". So we could paint, sand, stain, sand etc to our heart's desire and not go through them

3) Most homes have plywood subflooring. Especially homes built on a slab. Not to mention upstairs.

4) They say they don't make'em like they used to. Should I showcase the original labor of love that went into building this home - or hide them?

5) I don't mind the spacing. In fact, I rather like it. Many of the manufactured floors try to add this groove. BUT, would debris get irritating - should I add filler or just vacuum?

Here are some pics and also some inspiration pics showing flooring with similar irregular groove spacing.