Hello everyone. I purchased a new house and, after closing with the builder, had about 1200 sq ft of random width (3", 4" & 5"), reclaimed character grade hickory installed by a professional installer last Dec/Jan. Within the first month, I noticed I was feeling sharp edges through my socks when I was walking around my house. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that many of the long seams between the boards, while sanded such that they were smooth when running your hand (or sock) over them, would depress on one side when any force was applied. The amount of deflection ranges from minimal to a 1/16" or more. It occurs on nearly every 3rd or 4th board or so throughout all the floors. My guess is that the issue is due to poor quality control on the milling of the T&G. I do have some scraps and can see that some do have a fair amount of play in them when put together but I have no real knowledge of what is typical.

When I brought it to the attention of the wood company, they came out and looked at it and then wanted to wait and see what the floor did in the summer months. Well, as expected, the humidity swelled everything nice and tight. To the point that those same flat sanded seams now had one board standing proud of the other board causing a permanent, visible sharp edge. Of course, now that it's dry again, it's reverted to it's original condition.

The wood company owner and his installer are coming out soon to look at things one more time but, in my phone conversations, he's pretty much said that his partner (who came out originally to look at things) felt that it was well within tolerances.

I've lived in many houses and old apartment buildings with sand in place hardwood floors and have never before noticed anything like this. Is this truly normal? I really don't like the thought of tearing this stuff out (that's why we wanted reclaimed in the first place) but I also don't like walking around feeling sharp edges on my feet. Are there other options/solutions?

Thank you for your time & thoughts.