I totally rebuilt a 50 year old ranch home in Indianapolis over the last 5 years. During the rebuild, one of the things we did was to completely replace the drywall with new. All walls and ceilings were framed 16 inches O.C. and covered with 1/2 inch drywall. The drywall was attached with 1-5/8 inch drywall screws only. I used the mesh tape like always and used mud purchased from Lowes. After a few months, the joints started to crack. Drywall was installed horizontally on the walls and ceilings. I have done this type of work for years with no problem. Some of the wall to ceiling and wall to wall joints are also cracking. About 20% to30% of the total joints have cracks. We tried to just smooth out some joints with compound, but the cracks reappeared. Any ideas? Thanks Tom