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    Default Why floor is wet in the morning in our bedroom

    Why is part of our floor wet in the morning ?

    We have a about 12x12 size bedroom and we are a couple and king bed.
    This bed is attached to a wall and under this bed every morning its wet ...

    We had a baseboard heater before now we have in wall fan heater from King

    we have two windows one is bigger and one is smaller...

    I am more than positive that floor gets wet because of condensation.

    But how do I solve this problem?

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    Default Re: Why floor is wet in the morning in our bedroom


    Is your floor actually wet, or does it just have a haze of moisture on it? Do you have hard floors or carpet? Is your floor on grade or over a crawl space? What is the inside temperature at night and what is the outside temperature? Are you sleeping with your windows closed?

    To have condensation, you need heavily moisture laden air hitting a realtively low temperature surface, i.e. below the dew point. The above questions could all have a bearing upon your condensation problem, if that is what is going on. If it is condensation occurring, raising the room temperature and keeping air moving would lessen or do away with it.

    A high relative humidity hitting a cold, hard floor could cause wetness. Two people breathing in a small, closed, cool bedroom could conceiveably cause moisture to form on a cool, bare floor. You don't have a central forced air system, so the relative humidity in your bedroom could get quite high since air is not moving out of the room.
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