I'm hoping to get a little input. I have a 10 year old home with a basement. They poured concrete has some cracks that leak during heavy heavy rains, but the most water I get is just a gallon or so (a good puddle, with maybe enough water for a bath towel to dry up).

I've consulted a few waterproofing companies and they're all over the place. Some say French drain, others say plug cracks.

We want to add a play room to the house and would love to finish the basement. Is a French drain necessary with this amount of water? I know we looked at houses with sump pumps, and knowing it was there was a turn off for us...

I figure the settling of the house is done by now, so repairing the cracks should do the trick (which of course is more cost effective too). But the waterproofers are saying otherwise ( and their logic makes sense, but being a realist I know they need to sell me products in order to stay in business...)

What are your thoughts?