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    Default sandstone foundation?

    I would like to re-point my foundation. It certainly appears that I have sandstone foundation blocks (could this be?) as any aggravation of the "mortar" simply results in sandy crumbling to where I'm not sure the blocks themselves won't disintegrate. Can this happen? What can be done? I have been afraid to touch the walls but something must be done. As you may imagine, there is water seeping through the lower "mortar" gaps.

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    Default Re: sandstone foundation?

    Your first step would be to contact the Indiana Limestone Institute of America.
    Than check with a manufacture like Cathedral Stone.
    Ask if they have a Certified repair contractor in your area.
    Ask Cathedral Stone about Jahn M70 limestone repair mortar & Jahn M100 Historic Pointing Mortar
    Also check with Edison Coatings , Inc for Limestone repair products.
    Repairs using Portland Cement Mortars will cause further damage to the foundation.
    May need to approach the problem from the exterior to drain water away from the foundation and than repair the interior side.
    Check with the US Park Service in your area for info.

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