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    Default best materials for shower w/iron-rich water

    I'm considering replacing my tiny (about 30x30) fiberglass shower surround - 3 sides. I haven't decided on materials yet, but I was wondering if the fact that we have very iron rich water should have an impact on my decision.

    I'm concerned that the tiles (particularly stone) may stain and what about the grout? Since it's so small, I'd be looking into white or light colored combinations.

    Are there special or particular products that I should use? Would ceramic tiles be better than stone?

    Thanks for any hints or resources.

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    Default Re: best materials for shower w/iron-rich water

    If you have rust staining problems, then use rust colored products. There are plenty of tile options available in a mottled brown/red color, as well as complimentary grout colors that will hide the majority of rust stain issues. Be sure to seal unglazed tile and most importantly the grout.

    You could go solid surface with a cultured product or natural stone, you'll still end up with a tile shower pan or fiberglass though.
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    Default Re: best materials for shower w/iron-rich water

    A 'through body' porcelain will be the most rust stain resistant. using a rust colored tile and grout will save headaches.

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