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    Default interior paint peeling

    hoping for help with this problem, I have purchased a home built in 1948, it has been neglected for years so I am in the process of repairing and replacing everything. I am finding though that when I repaint the interior doors, trim and cabinets the paint I am using peels right off, these have previously been painted and whatever type of paint was used is very smooth and shiny, I have used a primer and then painted and have also used a sanding block to rough the surface up and then painted, my paint (which I have tried 2 different brands not cheap stuff ) just peels or scratches off. I'm at a loss. I have no idea what paint the previous owner used she is in her mid 90's and I have never met her nor are there old paint cans left behind, Any suggestions would be so appreciated

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    Default Re: interior paint peeling

    You're most likely dealing with an existing oil base paint, which is very difficult to overcoat with a non-oil product. I would recommend using Kilz Original primer and then follow up with your paint of choice.

    When you sanded the doors, did you use a tack cloth or TSP rinse afterward? If not, then the dust residue is also hampering the adhesion of your primer and paint.
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