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    Default Adhesive removal

    We have old plastic tile on the walls in the bathroom. A few tiles have fallen off. We would like to remove them all. What is a good way to remove the thick adhesive?

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    Default Re: Adhesive removal

    Depending on what new floor you want, it may be unnecessary to remove the sticky glue.

    But if you have to remove it, there are countless products offered on line. you'll need one of them and some "elbow power".

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    Default Re: Adhesive removal

    We have the gray tiles with pink border and they are in great shape so they are staying. We turned the bath into a retro project and finished last year. I have had some success using mineral spirits to remove the mastic that was used but, only in small areas. For a complete remodel you may have to put up new Sheetrock. I know that sounds harsh but, you will never get a good looking wall surface by any other method. Think about the choices:
    1. Remove tiles and skim coat wall
    2. Remove tiles and attempt sanding wall
    3. Cover everything with cement backer

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Adhesive removal

    IMHO, your efforts are better spent removing and replacing the old tile backer (usually sheetrock with plastic tiles) instead of trying to save it. That old dried rock-hard mastic is a bugger to remove and leaves so much torn paper behind that you're going to be finishing a lot of sheetrock anyway. For an "econo-job" tile board like Abitibi or FRP panels can be used to cover where the tiles were without replacing the sheetrock or removing the mastic, but styles and colors are limited with those materials.


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