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    Default Salt-free water softeners: reviews, preferences, experiences??

    I draw from a well and the water is hard. the quality is good, but the minerals mess with the laundry, water heaters, and dishwasher.

    I installed a Pelecan salt free water softener in my house about 4years ago thinking this would be a saltless, energy efficient way to eliminate hard water. Apparently I'm wrong as the Pelican folks tell me their product just allows the minerals to flow through my system [not clogging up pipes] rather than removes them.

    Can anyone tell me whether this is the way saltless systems work, or not? Is there a better salt-free product/method, or, in order to remove minerals, I have to go either salt based, or Reverse Osmosis [which i don't want to do as that method wastes a LOT of water].

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    Default Re: Salt-free water softeners: reviews, preferences, experiences??

    I use a standard water softener but use a potassium based mineral rather than salt.

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