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    Default Heating a Workshop / Garage with a NuWay Propane Heater Questions?

    Well I bought one of these Nuway Propane Heaters to extend my use of my detached garage / workshop time. My question is they suggest it have the vent going thru the roof but I am bit concerned with leaks when it rains / snows and water coming in from around the 3 inch vent pipe... It has a vent kit would when I had the roof reroof a coupe years ago the roof jack they used where they pull the nails I had some leaks I had to seal off so now I am a bit concerned that the vent kit has a what looks like funnel shaped collar that I would think goes over the pipe sticking out the roof but there is not a way to seal it I have looked around and because of the pipe is hot and should not come in contact with the wood / shingles I would think so now I am wondering if there is a way to seal the area around the pipe so I won't have any leaks? I look at the rubber non heated vents but I would think the rubber would melt because of the heat so what is available to get it sealed off? Or could I vent it out the side wall so that the rain does not rain as much pass the hole like it would vented out the roof??? Again Just hoping to learn what is available or possibilities of getting this install in 2014 just want to seal it if it is possible to have no leaks.

    Anyone know or does this for a living installing Wood Stoves, Fire places etc and what if anything is available you might suggest???

    Thanks in Advance for any information.

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