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    Default Enclose part of porch with screen

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best method to enclose a porch with screen panels? The problem arises from having decorative columns and no straight edge to attach said screens. Has anyone tackled this?

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    Default Re: Enclose part of porch with screen

    The solution I've used is to make the enclosure outside of the columns using square metal screen-porch framing parts. This only works if the columns set back from the edge of the porch which they often don't so sometimes the columns must be moved back a little, or the porch extended top and bottom or both. If you match the column colors and the metal, and center the metal posts well, you still see the columns glory behind the screen and it looks pretty good.


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    Default Re: Enclose part of porch with screen

    It could be done with creating framing for the panels.

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