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    Default PVC flue and vent termination

    With 90%+ AFUE high-efficiency furnaces and tankless –water heaters commonly being vented with schedule 40 PVC pipes, terminations on the roof often result in ugly multi-elbow PVC contraptions.
    I’ve seen a PVC vent cap called "ecap321".
    Does anyone have experience with this product? Is it as good as the manufacturer proclaims? Particularly regarding (wind) pressure differential effects on the pressure switch, potential freezing of condensation, HVAC manufacturers warranties, etc? Any other thoughts?
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    Default Re: PVC flue and vent termination

    I dunno about those caps, but I do know that tankless HWH's are vented with stainless steel piping.

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    Default Re: PVC flue and vent termination

    Why don't you try it? it's very inexpensive.

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