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    Default Whole house humidifier for home with electric heating system

    I saw a TOH episode where Rich Trethewey installed a whole house humidifier in a South Carolina home. We are Illinois transplants living in Chelsea, Alabama (~15 miles south of Birmingham) who want to add a humidifier to our home heating system. The problem we have is our heating system is electric; & we have not been able to find a local HVAC contractor. Can TOH recommend a HVAC contractor in our part of the world to do this job? Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Whole house humidifier for home with electric heating system

    The humidifier you saw (or something similar) can be used with any forced-air heating system, meaning one that uses ductwork to distribute the heat. Get a few local HVAC contractors to quote the work remembering that this is their busy season. In the meantime a pot of simmering water on the stove will add humidity- just be safe with it if there's kids in the house as these kinds of burns are common and serious.

    If your electric heat is direct- such as baseboard units- then you'll need a stand-alone humidifier. These come in two basic forms; automatic which requires plumbing work and manual, where you just plug in and fill with water as needed. Too bad us southerner's can't bag up some summer humidity to use in the wintertime- then we'd have all the humidity we need (and plenty left to give away) for free


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    Question Re: Whole house humidifier for home with electric heating system


    Any suggestions on humidifier brands to use with a forced-air home?


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