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Thread: Bath drain

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    Default Bath drain

    In attempting to remove an old bath drain with a lot of force using the crosshairs I have made one complete revolution however it appears that the drain shoe is moving as well so I stopped. Is this possible to have the shoe move in tandem with the drain removal? I do not want to break the shoe!!
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    Unhappy Re: Bath drain

    Apply heat (heat gun or hair dryer) - it should help in most cases. Worse case, replace the drain set (Using an access in the back).

    Are you using the right tool for this job?

    If the drain show is moving too, it means that your drain arm is broken. You need to replace the whole thing.

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    Default Re: Bath drain

    Be very carefull that you do not break part of the overflow. From what you are saying it sounds like it is already broken it. I would check to see that everything is intack before proceding futher. If you have broken the waste and overflow then change it if that is more than you can handle get a pro. infact i woud have changed the waste and overflow because you woulds get new seals ect. and be sure of no leaks for the next several years if done right.

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    Default Re: Bath drain

    One of them new cable driven ones are the way to go as they are much easier to install on an already installed tub.

    A good one starts at $90

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