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    Default Water Damage to Granite Counter from Water Pipe burst

    We recently had a water pipe burst above our kitchen. Really did number on our wood floors and ceiling. All that is in the process of being repaired but last night I noticed our counter top seam is no longer flush. The seam was directly under the pipe that burst. Could this be because the floor is warped and it caused the cabinets to become uneven? Is there anyway to repair this without replacing all the counter? The seam is now off just a small amount - just about 1/16th of an inch. It is still flush at the back of the counter but becomes uneven gradually near the front - where the water poured directly down on it.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Water Damage to Granite Counter from Water Pipe burst

    my best guess would be that you're correct. either the cabinet swelled up or the floor swelled up causing the countertop to move. i would give it a few weeks or a month to dry out and see if it settles down again. it very well might not and if that's the case you're going to need someone good in there to lower it back down. it can be done by trimming the top of the cabinet under the countertop down a little. time consuming and precise work but it can be done.

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    Default Re: Water Damage to Granite Counter from Water Pipe burst

    I believe you are right that the cabinet under the counter top has swelled up because of water.I think you need to wait for a few days so that it dries up and you have a better idea of all the damage that has been done and what kind of changes you need to do i.e. you need to change only the trimming on the entire counter top.

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