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    Default Traditional Chinese Roofing Tile - source?

    Hello fellow TOH'ers,
    I want to build a Chinese Pavillion or Ting. I have acquired several reference books and think I can produce the structure. I haven't been able to find a source for traditional Chinese ceramic roofing tiles though. Do you have any ideas on where I might look for this? Thanks for your suggestions

    here is link to an example of the roof tile

    and here is a smallish Ting I had in mind

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    Default Re: Traditional Chinese Roofing Tile - source?

    Do you mean you can't find them at Home Depot?
    I could of sworn I saw them at the Beijing store.

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    Default Re: Traditional Chinese Roofing Tile - source?

    I don't know if traditional Chinese clay roof tiles are imported to the USA, but I've seen them used in a recent addition at the famous HUNTINGTON GARDEN in PASADENA-SAN MARINO-ARCADIA area. The addition is a replica of a Suzhou garden. Perhaps Huntington Garden received a time time shipment of tiles.

    When I was in China I saw how local roofers install those tiles: over bamboo rafters and stringers, with no felt paper.

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