(Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate. I posted this question about an hour ago, but the post never showed up)


I've got a basic bypass humidifier attached to my furnace. It's controlled by a Nest thermostat.

I'm wondering how much water should be flowing over the evaporator pad.

I checked the water flow from the hot water heater to the solenoid and there's plenty of water there.

When the humidifier activates, the solenoid releases an initial burst of water (I'm assuming to fill the tube that goes to the distribution tray in the humidifier), but then it tapers off to a very slow drip.

Is this normal, or should I be seeing more water flow?

Here's a video of the water flow from the solenoid.

Before I installed the Nest, the humidifier was controlled by a humidistat and I seem to remember that more water was let through ... enough so that I could hear it going to the bottom of the evaporator pad and down the pipe to the floor drain.

Any help is appreciated.