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    Default Heating the concrete slab

    I live in a ranch style house that is on a slab. Even though my house is warm my floors are very cold, how can I insulate them?

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    Default Re: Heating the concrete slab

    The following site has images & text sites for cold floors due to houses on a slab, & possible solutions.

    Another solution that's been suggested is to install 3" thick high density styrofoam 4' X 8' panels on the entire floor plan, & then install flooring over the styrofoam; some people combine this with a hot water radiant floor heating system if the current heating system happens to be forced hot water.

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    Default Re: Heating the concrete slab

    With slab construction it's best to have the heat flow at, in, or over the slab. If you heat like this, the benefit lies with using it's thermal mass to slow temperature changes. I heat the occupied rooms of my tiny slab home with electric ceramic box heaters on the floor. It takes about 3 days to normalize things but if the power goes out I stay warm for about half that long with the heat stored in the slab. My VCT-on-concrete kitchen floor is comfy in bare feet year round, and the unoccupied rooms don't take long to warm up if I need them.


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