Our home was built in the 1930's and has a good amount of paneling in the home. Both bedrooms, closets, an accent wall in the living room and dining room, as well as an enclosed porch are all covered in paneling. All other walls are plaster. We have painted over the paneling since we never wanted to take down the paneling and get ourselves into a mess.

I recently decided to take on the project of remodeling my tiny 3x4 bedroom closet to get maximize the space and first step was to remove the paneling to see what kind of mess I would be getting into. Boy is it a mess! The panels were both nailed and glued with what looks like sticky black tar. The nails came out very easy but the "glue" is an absolute mess. Does anyone know what this "tar" like substance is and how I can remove it? It was applied in circular globs and it is still sticky to the touch so sanding is out. Thanks for any advice!

If it helps any this paneling was probably added in the 60's or 70's.