Having put off my kitchen remodel for several weeks, now leading into months, because I can't decide what kind of countertops I want (first choice soapstone, last choice laminate but because of budget soapstone is definitely out and will most likely go with laminate which I really don't want) I'm getting frustrated. That is until last night when someone asked if I wanted some old chestnut planks. My heart beat wildly as wood countertops were right up there next to soapstone but ruled out because of money and practicality. But now, since they are going to cost me next to nothing things have changed for the better!!

So my question to all of you who know a lot more about things like this than I do, is chestnut a good choice for countertops and if so, what is my next step? What are the pros and cons of wood countertops? I'm going to look at the planks in a few days to see what condition they are in and providing the condition is good I'd like to use them. But I have no idea how to get them from plank state to countertop state - what kind of person would I hire to do this? Is it costly? Will I end up spending so much on someone custom making countertops that it won't be cost effective in the end? Can I use wood around the sink? I really don't even know where to start with this so am hoping you can give me a little guidance. Briefly, if it makes a difference, my counter top space is L shaped and not large; a good part of one side consists of the sink.