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    Default Insulate brick from outside

    I was wondering if there is/are any companies or products out there that insulate from the outside. I have an all brick house built 50 or so years ago and during the winter months and being the walls are all plaster, the rooms get cold. Is there a solution to insulate through the mortar of the brick on the outside? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Insulate brick from outside

    There are a few types of injection foam insulation that can be injected through small holes drilled in the mortar joints of brick walls. There needs to be air spaces in the wall to inject the insulation into. There no way to inject insulation into a solid brick wall that has been directly plastered.

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    Default Re: Insulate brick from outside

    You could use an Exterior Insulation and Finish System.
    Using this type insulation would change the Brick to a Stucco look.
    Also it will affect the window , Door and soffit trim.
    Before you select an exterior insulation check on your termite Bond.

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    Default Re: Insulate brick from outside

    There is no doubt about the beauty and elegance of brick or stone house.But unfortunately the material provides the worst kind of insulation because of moisture penetration,air leaks and general efficiency.All the information mentioned above is indeed very useful regarding the insulation of the brick house.It was a piece of news when I read about the insulation injections,This could be a good idea if feasible otherwise insulating the wall from inside would be a better idea. Whether you insulate from the inside or outside, the process is not fun. However, if you are concerned about energy, these methods will help save you big time.

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