I bought an 1865 Second Empire filled with large period trim, except around the front door which is tiny, featureless junk from the 70s or 80s. The door assembly has wood panels on both sides and a glass panel at the top, so the entire unit is almost 9'x6', maybe it was a replacement for a double door? Maybe in the 20s or meant to look like it? Half the porch looks period and the other half looks Craftsman... Anyway, I found appropriate trim and tore the ugly stuff off only to find the door leans in, a lot. It's about flush with the wall at the top, but a the bottom the door frame it sunk least 1/2 inch into the wall, maybe 3/4. The wall is pretty much plumb, but the door frame is WAY off.

Now what? Do I cut a 9 foot long sliver of wood to fill the gap and hope no one notices? Do I dare try to remove and re-install the door which would require pulling up some of the wood floor as well and likely make the fiance unhappy? I don't think putting in the trim at a crazy angle would look good.

Every frame in the house has a bead detail, then a victorian piece of trim, then an ogee back bead. If I made a wedge of wood it would be between the trim and the bead detail, and I fear obvious.