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    Default Need help to lay tile over brick fireplace

    I want to tile over the painted brick that surrounds my fireplace but I have a problem.
    The brick on the outside vertical edges is staggered so it is not in a straight line. The bricks alternate between longer and shorter lengths.

    Is there a way to create a straight line on these vertical edges so that I can install tile over the brick in a straight line?

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    Default Re: Need help to lay tile over brick fireplace

    A picture would help. To load a picture, upload it to a host like and give us the link.

    Sometimes, if the bricks are close in size, it'[s possible to mortar the gaps and to create a smooth surface, but your situation may be different.

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    Default Re: Need help to lay tile over brick fireplace

    If you're tiling the front and exposed sides, I'd be checking the way the tiles would layout so that I'd have only full tiles (and halves if you offset the pattern) showing in the front as that looks far better than narrower cuts. If you do that you may find that you need to add width. If that's the case then applying a tile-backer on the sides will give you the straight lines you seek.

    If the size is right already, smaller differences can be made up with the same thin-set mortar you'll be using but be sure that you don't exceed the manufacturer's recommended thickness. Done this way, any level or straight-edge will give you a reference to set the tiles to.


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