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    Default Replacing old tub fixtures

    We want to replace the Delta fixtures in our tub/shower surround that date from 1977. Of course, that means the valve is also ancient. There are no signs of leaking or anything, but I realize we're probably on borrowed time. Since we want to have our fiberglass? acrylic? tub/shower surround refinished (also old but no cracks or chips, just dingey), would a plumber be able to replace the valve from the other side? There is a shared wall behind it covered in drywall.

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    Default Re: Replacing old tub fixtures

    If you call Delta Faucet, they will send you a new stem/cartridge free of charge. A plumber will be able to change it.

    You can also buy a new trim, it won't be too expensive, and viola - you have a new faucet, because the body (inside the wall) can go on and on and on.

    If you still want to change your faucet to a new design, a plumber will be happy to help you.


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