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    Default Dummy Door Handle

    I have two side-by-side exterior screen doors on the front of my house. One side has a functioning handle that turns, locks, and has a latch.

    The other door has a top slide that keeps it closed. The handle is supposed to stay still. However, the dummy handle is a lever, and instead of staying still, it is loose and flops down. The handles on both sides of that door are securely affixed to the spindle that goes through the door. But if I lift the lever to make it properly horizontal, it just flops back to the perpendicular position.

    How can I tighten the handle?


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    Default Re: Dummy Door Handle

    A true dummy handle doesn't move, which means that the handle you have is either a standard handle, or the screw/keeper has worked its way out of the back of the handle. Take the handle off and inspect the inside of it, reset the keeper screw/hardware. If it's a standard handle, then as long as it is not attached to a bolt (center piece that engages the jamb strike ), you can simply turn the base plate 90 degrees. Another option is that the spring has slipped out of place that keeps the handle centered, take the handle off and reset the spring. If the spring is broken, you'll have to replace the handle.
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