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    Question Andersen sliding door 400 series leaking

    Dgaribaldidpm@aol.comI had purchased an Andersen Sliding Door 400 series from Home Depot in July 2012. I had my contractor installed it. That October ,Hurricane Sandy along with several Noreasters had pummeled Plum Island in Newburyport MA. The new Andersen Door had leaked from the top & also the bottom well had filled up & overflowed onto my newly installed maple hardwood floors. I had contacted Home Depot & they instructed me to contact Andersen . Andersen sent an Andersen repairman out. He tightened the fittings on the sliding door & he looked for the drainage holes that are suppose to be in the wells He could not located any.? The tightening helped to stop the window from leaking at the top , but the wells continued to fill & overflow onto the wood floors. This past September , I had an Andersen Renewal rep come to my home to replace two other sliding doors ( three original 200 series installed in 1980's ) Reason for replacement was inefficient & cold air coming in & also occasional leaks from damage & cracked wells. The rep gave me a price for replacement of three new doors ( they would NOT REINSTALL NEW ANDERSEN DOOR. So I decided to purchase the three doors , including the replacement for the year old door. The year old door was replaced yesterday (yes it took 4 months) & the Andersen installers were OUTSTANDING. When they installed the year old 400 series door with the new hurricane series door (which is DEFINITELY a much better door than the Home Depot 400 series. They informed me that the door they were replacing was not a defect in the installation ( as Home Depot & also former Andersen rep had stated ). But the problem was in the manufacturer of the door. There are no drain holes in the wells & Andersen made a faulty door that should be covered . Who do I contact to resolve this matter? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Andersen sliding door 400 series leaking

    If the manufacturer sends you an installer, who states the the door or window is defective (and I'm sure you have it in writing) - then you contact the manufacturer's customer service to resolve the issue. Good luck.

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