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    Default Pump in basement for emergency pipe leak

    Hello all

    We have an older smaller home with an unfinished basement with no floor drains. I was looking for an easy, practical inexpensive way to prevent basement flooding should there be leak when I'm not there (freeze,boiler PRV letting loose, washing machine hose etc) i have cut a hole in the floor and buried a 5 gallon bucket level with floor surface, my idea was to put a good quality sump pump in the bucket and run its hose to drain appropriately.

    Whats the best quality pump i can buy? The head will be about 8 feet.

    Additionally is there some sort of automated remote system that could be implemented to detect an interior leak and send an alert via email or phone call etc?

    Any advice will be much appreciated

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    Default Re: Pump in basement for emergency pipe leak

    I always liked the zoeller mighty mate. I used to carry at least two in my truck at all times more in the spring time.

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