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    Default water pressure to high

    I have a big problem with to high of water pressure. I closed the valve before the meter but when I turn on the water it comes out very high at first then comes down to somewhat normal. What can I do about this?

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    Default Re: water pressure to high

    Just partly closing the main valve will not reduce the pressure it will only reduce the volume. What you need is a pressure reducing valve.

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    Default Re: water pressure to high

    Street pressure (before the meter) is normally high. How high depends on your location and your water company.

    Just before the main water supply pipe enter your house, you should have a WATER PRESSURE REGULATOR/REDUCER. This device will reduce in coming pressure down to 50-70, when working properly.

    If you have a regulator, check your water pressure inside the house (you should have a good accurate pressure gauge). If the pressure inside the house is higher than 70, your regulator may be malfunctioning - replace it or repair it with a kit from the manufacturer.

    If you don't have a regulator, consider installing one. Money well spent.

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    Default Re: water pressure to high

    Hope your not in a smaller town with big ambitions near me. They had another nice new water tank built with the tax money only to discover that when it was filled nearby customers were getting 120-150+ psi after the meter. After having to do a lot of repairwork they 'solved' the problem by not filling the nice new tank more than 20% full, something they hope the general citizenry doesn't discover. I learned of it when I helped a friend with his WH T&P valve which was dripping with a brand-new replacement installed. He was lucky that nothing else blew- the gauge we used peaked at 150 and the needle was past that against the stop peg Hint: State Utility regulations usually apply to pressures that are being supplied at the meter, so if you're lucky you may get them to install a free regulator for you if you can show them that rule- it worked for my friend!


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