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    Default strange electric baseboard noise

    So I am familiar with all the typical pinging and clicking noises that electrical baseboard heater make, but now I have something new. I replaced my thermostat with a digital honeywell 5 day programmable thermostat and at the same time replaced the heater. Now when the door in our bedroom is shut and the baseboard has been maintaining a stable temperature for few a hours, there will be a few regular "clicks" that sounds like tension is increasing then the reverb sound of a spring releasing. The sound it similar to the noise a spring door stops make if you flick them. I am having a hard time locating the sound but it appears the come from the vicinitey around the clip that supports the heating element not the fins. If I push on the frame of the baseboard heater it stops it for a short period. Tightening the heater to the wall has not helped. I have the same brand of heater throughout my house but they do not make the same noise. Any idea how to fix it? I might try another thermostat.

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    Default Re: strange electric baseboard noise

    Plastic shims. Preferably nylon

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