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    Default Wall Frames / Shadow Boxes w/ vent?

    I'd like to put up wall boxes as described here:


    But I'm struggling with what to do with a frame for the area with the vent trim? I have two I need to worry about. See picture for example. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Wall Frames / Shadow Boxes w/ vent?

    I would build rectangular frames to go above the vent moldings.

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    Default Re: Wall Frames / Shadow Boxes w/ vent?

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    I would build rectangular frames to go above the vent moldings.
    Agreed. I would also remove the molding from around the vent and replace it with flat stock that is the same thickness as the shoulder of the molding. The baseboard molding would die into the sides of the vent and the flat stock will trim the vent. When you install your wall frames, you can touch the flat stock at the vent, thus reducing the distance between the baseboard and the wall frame.
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    Default Re: Wall Frames / Shadow Boxes w/ vent?

    Keep the visual lines as straight,uninterrupted, and as balanced as possible- that's what good design is all about.

    You can achieve this by cutting the diffuser backing down to the top of the metal than applying the molding right on top of that. Measure the height of both of the diffusers in case there's a difference and go with the highest one. It looks like you're going to run into another issue with the outlets- this can be addressed several different ways: cutting the outlet cover to fit, moving the outlet box to clear the molding, stopping the new molding on either side (using returned ends), or my preference of relocating the outlets to the baseboard to draw attention to the new feature alone. A bit of extra sheetrock work doing this but if you use rework (remodel) boxes and cut the base openings carefully you won't need to remove it to relocate them.

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