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    Default flooding basement from drain pipe

    I have a home built in the 1950's with a basement. It has a drain in the middle of the floor which has been filled (at the bottom) with mortar. When we get a lot of rain, the drain fills and floods my basement. Was this originally a drain or something else? How do I repair? Thank you.

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    Default Re: flooding basement from drain pipe

    You might be able to plug the drain with a rubber plug made for this purpose.

    My guess; one or all of the following;

    1- the ground drainage outside the house changed on the last 64 years,
    2- the subsurface water changed,
    3- the storm system changed,
    4- the floor drain was never a good idea.

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    Default Re: flooding basement from drain pipe

    I would suggest installing a sump pump in the basement. all basements should have a functioning drain if you do not have one install one.

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