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    Default Re: Ceiling light advice

    Quote Originally Posted by nick212 View Post
    Thanks, SRE. Will check with manufacturer.

    I'm also thinking the red should remain capped. Not sure why it's there.
    Code now requires a fan box in every location in a home which might want a fan in the future, and a neutral in every switch location, whether they're need or not. Most folks will now run a 3 wire from the door switch location to the overhead light location and cap off the red, just in case someone wants to add a fan later.
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    Default Re: Ceiling light advice

    Builders of tract homes have also been pre-wiring that way for years. The reason; all homes are wired the same way whether the customer paid for the ceiling fan or not. Makes bidding and the work easier as the electricians don't have to know which wiring plan goes into each house.

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