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    Default New Carrier Steam boiler BS1 not turning on!

    Hi, I've been dealing with my new Carrier steam boiler. The bs1 model. I had it installed last January and now less than a year later, it will not turn on consistently. It makes a buzzing sound for a few minuets and then shuts down. I had the ignition module replace and the system cleaned and on another occasion set the water shut off level adjusted. I posted a youtube video so you can hear and see exactly what’s going on. http://youtu.be/r1vFsNNJsME
    I have gotten now where so far as to figuring out what to do about this problem. If there’s someone out there who has any knowledge they could share it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: New Carrier Steam boiler BS1 not turning on!

    I'll take a guess on this one: you get no gas to flow to the igniter.

    Sometimes spiders nest in your gas line, build webs around the orifice and block the flow of gas. Check it and clean as needed, then try again. Hope this helps.

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