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    Default Installing radiant under floor heat

    I would like to install radiant underfloor heating for our master bedroom and bathroom. I live in a rural area of North Carolina just north of Statesville and don't have access to many HVAC contractors. Would anyone be able to point me to competent contractors that do this kind of installation willing to travel to our home? is there a web site that lists good contractors in NC? Any help would be appreciated......

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    Default Re: Installing radiant under floor heat

    I would recommend first exhausting various Google searches on the internet as a first step in the process.

    If you Google such phrases as "Radiant heating installers in West Central North Carolina", as well as the Blue Book and Better Business Bureau (BBB) sites, you should come up with a number of companies; the internet version of the "Yellow Pages" for West-Central North Carolina may be helpful; also vary the wording of the search phrases you try to include phrases such as "Radiant heat installers Winston-Salem", or "North Carolina radiant heat installers", etc., until you find several in your locality.

    Your local library should have hardcopy issues of the Yellow Pages (look under "Heating Contractors" & "Heating Equipment-Parts & Supplies") & check the display ads for Radiant Heating contractors) for especially the larger cities near you, such as Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Greensboro, & High Point, among others---the heating equip dealers are the wholesale jobbers for radiant heat installers, so they would have an account list of most radiant heating installers in the area.

    Calling any number of heating contractors in your area & asking them to refer you to radiant heat installers should also be helpful---most of them are familiar with each other's specialties.
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    Default Re: Installing radiant under floor heat

    Are you looking for electric or hydronic?

    Contacting the manufacturers, they will point you at the area Rep, who can tell you who he knows as the better contractors.

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    Default Re: Installing radiant under floor heat

    If you can't find a competent contractor there, Charlotte and Winston-Salem will have plenty to choose from and I'm sure that many already have customers toward your location already. The trick will be them finding the time to get up with you- with the record low temperatures we've got right now I'm betting that every HVAC contractor in the nation is overloaded with emergency service calls

    13.5 degrees right now in Upstate SC, and I can't recall it ever being much lower than this here any time of winter. I'll be glad when it gets back into the 50's here in a couple days- that's much more the weather I like


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