Thanks to all of you for your comments. To clarify, it was not the painter that damaged the floors, it was the contractor we hired to remove some walls (paneling and plaster board), put up new sheet rock and replace some baseboards. We had used this contractor before and been happy - but to everyone's point our past experience with this person was new construction rather than re-modeling. With new construction, they can tape till their little hearts desire because the floors are not finished until the last step! Unfortunately, he blamed the damage on 'old floors' in our 1950s house. Every single place where the masking tape was applied the finish came up, thus the zebra striped floors. We did withhold 10K from the final payment and are securing estimates today on refinishing ~ 2400 sf of floors and moving our furniture out and back again (antiques and all). I imagine that it will be >10K to move out, store furniture, and repair the floors (based on the cost of just moving the furniture in a month ago). Sad thing is ..... 95% of the floors are pristine - its only the 5% zebra stripe that is costing so much money.

BTW - the 2 floor companies who visited our home today both agreed with all of you - NEVER EVER let any contractor put any tape down on your hardwood floors .... EVER.
My moral - just because you have been happy with someones work in the past, does not mean you will always be happy - likely holds true for references as well.