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    Default Re: Tape pulled the finish off my floors - what can I do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mastercarpentry View Post
    That is why you should always check with several of a contractors previous customers- they might be great at new construction but rotten remodelers
    And visa-versa. It surprises me how much trouble remodellers and new construction people have when they change sides of the fence. It is like they forget what they know about the trades and just fall to pieces.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mastercarpentry View Post
    I like happy customers!
    You and me both. My attitude is that I work WAY too hard to come back to the office and deal with pissed off customers. Let's not piss them off to begin with, then everybody stays happy and you have a life long client. It bears mentioning, though, that not all people are good clients, so contractors must choose their clients just as carefully as clients choose contractors.

    I am in no way, shape, or form insinuating that the OP is not a good client, what I'm saying is that people - all people - have compatible partners throughout life and incompatible partners. Life is way too short to for anyone to choose poorly.
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