We hired a contractor to replacing trim and some walls in my old 1950 house (we just moved in). He put down brown paper on the floors w/ blue painters tape at the baseboard area and masking tape everywhere else. When we removed the masking tape it pulled the finish right off the floors - blue painters tape did not remove the finish! The finish (whatever it was) was stuck to the masking beige-colored tape! I now have zebra striped floors. I should mention that the floors in every single room (except the kitchen) were pristine. There was not a scratch or mark on them and it actually looked like no one had ever worn shoes/had pets/had children/or ever moved furniture in the house. I should also mention that this was brought to the attention of the contractor at the very beginning - that the floors must be protected and the expectations were they would look the same after the work was completed. The contractors comment 'this has never happened to us before and it must be a bad finish that you have on your floors'. He thinks the remedy is a can of polyurethane spray from Lowes - he actually already tried to cover it up with this method in one room (you can imagine semi-gloss poly sprayed in a stripe next to beautiful old floors with a more aged satin look).
Is there anything we can do for the floors? We cannot go to the expense and trouble to move all our antiques back out of the house and have all the floors refinished - we just moved in a month ago amid construction and painting Thanks for your comments!