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    Default Gaps in 100 yr old wood floors - Will insulation help?

    My 100 yr old home in New Orleans has wide plank heart of pine flooring. There are large gaps & no sub floor, hence, bugs come in and A/C goes out! I've had them refinished, filled w/sawdust mixture, however, it has fallen thru in many spots. I would like to get your opinion on having foam insulation installed under the house. My thoughts are that it would insulate and produce a subfloor as well. I could then have gaps filled w/sawdust again and refinished? I read post about repairing w/rope, however, I have to many gaps for this and doubt it would look good. Suggestions? Thank you!

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    Default Re: Gaps in 100 yr old wood floors - Will insulation help?

    Howdy the foam will infiltrate the gaps an this may be a mess you do not wish to have. Consider installing a barrier under the house. the barrier used in moble home construction would work well or possibly installing Tyvek.

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