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    Default Garage refrigerator running,even in cold temps -WHY?

    I have a fridge in my unheated garage. This is JUST a refrigerator,not a fridge/freezer. I notice that the temperature in my garage can get down in the 20's (or below),but the fridge temp is set in the mid 30's and it will still run.
    Why? Does the fridge actually heat the inside to keep it at this temp setting? I would think if the outside temp is colder then the internal fridge setting,it would not run at all.
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    Default Re: Garage refrigerator running,even in cold temps -WHY?

    You should unplug your fridge when the ambient temperature in the garage is below freezing. Why have it plugged in when the garage temp is 20 F?

    The idea of a refrigerator is to keep food at around 40 F, in a kitchen where the temperature is over that.

    My two cents.

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    Default Re: Garage refrigerator running,even in cold temps -WHY?

    The fridge is probably running a defrost cycle. I would keep it plugged in and let it run as needed. That should keep all the internal parts in good shape. Refrigerators sometimes have problems when turned off for long periods of time.
    BTW- does your garage actually get that cold. My semi-attached on 2 sides garage seldom gets below 40 degrees even when the outside temp is in the 20's. I'm in Md. so the winter temps don't usually go below 10 degrees.

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