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    Default TV show "Renovation Realities"

    i know i've commented on these DIY shows before but i just watched an episode of Renovation Realities. some guy and his wife built what he called a "Lodge" out behind his house and almost partly over a pond. it was about the size of a 1-1/2 car garage. first they built the deck then a 3 walled structure over it with the missing wall facing the pond and an open deck. the list of code violations is probably a mile long but the big things that stuck out the most to me were the following.

    no proper footings
    wrong size floor joists
    nails only for joist support on posts
    no joist hangers
    dangerous electrical wiring
    improper running of electrical from house to "Lodge", approx 100'-200' away from house
    structure not properly attached to decking

    and the list goes on and on and on. this place looks like it could blow away in a 30-40 mph wind gust. it's really frightening to me that people watch these shows and attempt something by themselves that these shows portray as being so simple. i didn't even mention the construction process where there was potential for either of them to get severely hurt with some of the stunts they pulled trying to do things.

    i'm all for DIY-ers attempting to build, fix, alter, repair, etc. "BUT" i really think that these shows should stress safety, proper building technique and code compliance.

    how about a follow up show, a year or two after the show was originally taped, to show how things are holding up.......or not holding up.
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