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    Default Foundation repair with Helical Pile

    My house is 2 story house with crawl space. one side of my house was very low and had the foundation raised with 7 Helical pile. about 5 inchs one corner and less on other side. Now there is gap between the ground and footing. I'm told, I do not have to fill in the gaps since the Helical piles will take the load and will not sink.

    My question is, what is standard practice for my situation? Do they normally fill the gap with something? or leave it as is.

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    Default Re: Foundation repair with Helical Pile

    While it is true that the helical piers can support the home without back filling the void, this does not address the aesthetic issues of the gap, nor the intrusion of vermin into the crawlspace. I would suggest a conversation with your local building department, and/or a few calls to other foundation contractors that specialize in helical piers to find out what the requirements are and how other companies deal with this issue. Be honest on the phone, that you've already had the work done, the installer left a gap, and you're wondering if this is typical.
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