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    Default SOS old house how to clean

    i bought a house that was built in the 20's. the house has been empty for about 10 years and has spider webs that could catch spiderman, its also has murals all over this that are not in good shape and need to be removed (lead paint) The plan is to gut most of the house except for the beams which are in great shape. What products or service company should i use to clean the interior skeleton of the house to rid it from any hazards that may lurk after i close the walls. also the mural are on cement walls how do i remove the layer of lead paint or do i just put a skim coat over it?
    ty JD

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    Default Re: SOS old house how to clean


    Check your local yellow pages for interior demolition companies. Or you can do an inter web search.

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    If you're not up to it, you can usually find a commercial or industrial cleaning special-ist in the local yellow pages. They will be better suited to this than a residential cleaner who is expecting a finished interior to work with. As the cleaning is in progress, close any openings against insect and vermin intrusion to keep the critters out afterward.

    Lead paint is an over-rated hazard. So long as it is intact and undisturbed it poses very little health risk. Normally if it is in good shape you prime and paint over it rather than disturb it. If you do any sanding on it use an appropriate respirator as the lead dust does pose a hazard. Follow all applicable rules in that case, your building codes department can help you know what is needed there.

    While the walls are open, think well forward to be sure you will have everything in them that you might want in the future. It's much cheaper than opening them up for additions later on!


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