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    Default "Used" cat litter on the garden. Good or bad?

    After the cats have used the litter with thier deposits....can this be thrown on the garden? What I am concerned about is the gray, clay-like there anything in the litter that should not be put on a garden.... any chemicals, clumping agents, deodorizers or anyting that could be harmful to the soil?? or to the grass/lawn also? What IS this stuff?

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    Default Re: "Used" cat litter on the garden. Good or bad?

    Neither the cat litter nor the urine/excrement from cats should be used in a garden. A good rule of thumb is if it's a carnivore - dispose of the waste in the garbage. If it's an herbivore, then using the excrement on the garden is a good thing.
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    Default Re: "Used" cat litter on the garden. Good or bad?

    Although the composition varies widely (especially if the litter is labelled as containing "crystals" or wood shavings) kitty litter is mostly clay. I don't think clay is used as a soil amendment. In fact, most people amend soil to get rid of clay issues.

    Used litter contains a healthy dose of ammonia and possibly Toxoplasmodium parasites (which actually take some time to "hatch", so you'd do well to not keep cat feces around any longer than necessary).

    "Throw it away," is my advice.

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    Thumbs down Re: "Used" cat litter on the garden. Good or bad?

    BAD. It is extremely high in potassium and other chemicals. While you need potassium for the garden, it is only wanted in small dosages. High amounts are actually detrimental to plants. This is why you sometimes see Zero potassium fertilizer, it is due to the belief so much is put on it that only a little or none is needed over time. In addition, I have never heard anything in mixture with organic waste makes a good combonation.

    In case your wondering, my father-in-law got injured and I took notes for his Master Gardener course this year. Hence this is what I am basing it on.

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