Hi guys,

This is my first post so excuse any breaches of etiquette.

I am planning to paint over a Vinyl Composite Tile floor (you know, the commercial sometimes asbestos containing stuff that is everywhere). The existing floor is on a wooden subfloor and has two layers of vinyl tile on top. Some areas of tile are cracked or missing and there is also a little subfloor flex in these areas. I am trying to decide between the following two courses of action but am not sure about what products are out there:

1. Replace the damaged vinyl tiles with two layers of new tiles and try to get the thickness as close as possible


2. Remove the damaged tile, repair and reinforce wood subfloor and level subflooring with some kind of epoxy or thinset.

Question: Does anyone know of a product that can be applied to level a wooden/concrete/vinyl tile transitions in thin layers? Any help would be greatly appreciated. p.s. the two layers of tile are over 1/8th of an inch.