Although asked by both my contractor and my kitchen designer for the model numbers of my appliances in my (long overdue) kitchen remodel, my Electrolux range sits higher than the granite. I was originally going to have the whole floor tiled (i.e. under the cabinets) but my contractor said that was unnecessary. The floor is tiled under the appliances. If we took the feet off the range, there would be no gap. But the warming oven would scratch the tile. The contractor and the kitchen designer will be working on a solution, but I appeal to the collective wisdom of this forum (they messed it up in the first place so my confidence level right now is not high). It's hard to tell the exact gap because the range is not completely back to the wall (because the gas and electrical hookups were in the wrong place--clearly no one read the specifications). But I think it's 1/4 inch.

The kicker with this is that I did all the homework I thought I had to do. And I was willing to pay the extra tile installation to do the whole floor. aghhh....