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    Cool Exterior Window Shutters

    How do you make a jig as Tom did on one show to make shutters for my windows?

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    Default Re: Exterior Window Shutters

    Hate to say it, but Google is your friend. There is a link to about dot com that has downloadable plans. I have not seen them to recommend this particular link, just saying that it is available. Google "shutter plans" and "shutter jig" to see what you can come up with that will suit your needs.
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    I think Rockler has a shutter jig; I have made a couple of them myself to match existing antique shutters on old houses, where the angle and width of the louvers varies from the stock jig. I used a Atlas universal milling machine to cut the slots in the 1/4" plexiglass. The slots guide a router with a guide bushing.
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