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    Default Rebuilding window and door openings in a ballon framed house

    Greetings. We have a 1914 four square that I am going to do a complete top to bottom, interior and exterior, and clear to the studs/sheathing renovation. Because of some structural issues in the main carrying wall in the basement as well as some inferior framing in the first and second floor central load bearing wall, it is easier to just get it back to the shell and replace all of the mechanicals (Plumbing, Elec, HVAC).

    Because I am completely gutting the house, I have a chance to remove the old lathe and install fire stop in all of the walls and bring up the structure to (or in most cases exceed) modern fire and building code. Also, due to the extreme rot and/or poor condition of all of the windows will be replaced and each of the exterior doors carefully restored. This is where my question lies.

    How does (or should) one rebuild the framing structure around exterior doors and windows to support a properly dimensioned header, king studs, jack studs, and sill plate? Because the house is balloon framed, the exterior wall studs extend all the way down to the sill plate on the top of the foundation.

    Thanks and Best Regards
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