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    Default Re: heating basement alternative

    Its the basement floors he want to heat, I didn't get that. Then maybe a tankless gas water heater would probably work and not take up a lot of space. I would not use electric tankless but maybe a small electric tank type 20 or 30 gallon should work, add your own extra insulation to the tank as small energy efficient water heaters don't seem to exist.

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    Default Re: heating basement alternative

    I would not suggest using a domestic how water tank as a source for in floor heating system as the maximum water temp for in-floor heating is 87 degrees f. where water temp in a domestic hot water temp is 140 degrees f. you will burn your feet. also you will have to dig up the basement floor, put down insulation then heating pipes and pour concrete over everything. i would suggest as someone else said install electric in-floor heating. you will still need insulation but you can install this over existing concrete floor. Also the controls are much easier with electric over hot water.

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