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    Default Deck Repair Needed

    I recently purchased a home and the previous owners had incorrectly installed a deck (2 years ago). Not only did they not install a ledger board, but the supports on the other end of the deck are only being held up by two deck screws! I'm looking for some ideas to safely repair the deck without having to take it down, install a ledger board, then put it back up. Or would that be the best way to do it? The deck is about 10x10 and is 4 feet off the ground.

    I have some pics, but they are too big to post here. If you want to see them, please send me a message and I can e-mail.


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    Wink Re: Deck Repair Needed

    In my opinion there is only one way to do it, the right way. Take it down salvage all that you can and put it back up the correct way. You will fill more comfortable knowing it is done right.


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    Default Re: Deck Repair Needed

    That's the answer I was leaning towards. Thanks for your input.

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